the little book of play

A Big Thank You

Firstly. Thank you for coming here to let me know about your “The Little Book of Play” experience. Whatever that experience was, I’m really grateful that you signed up. Whether you did anything with the book or not, is as valuable as if you’d done the opposite of what you ended up doing. Make sense? Me neither 🙂 Right, moving on….

To make it as simple as possible to give me your feedback, I’ve added a ‘Speak Pipe’ widget (below if you’re on a mobile device and to the right if you’re on a laptop). Speake Pipe allows you to send me a voice recording (in 90 second bursts).

What’s The Feedback For?

Once I’ve put all the feedback together, and asked Chat GPT to make sense of it, final edits will be made, and then it’ll be off to the printers, asking them to make something beautiful and fun that I can send into the world (via a payment portal of course).

Again. Biggest largest thank you for your time and your thoughts.


Use All Your Words

Please go to town with your feedback. Don’t hold back, don’t be gentle, don’t worry about my feelings. Please tell me everything and anything. There’s a list of questions below, to spark some thoughts in you, and because I’m interested in what you’re going to say when you read them.

Tap on the ‘Start Recording’ button (it’s down below) and let’s go!!! (it only allows 90 second bursts – feel free to send a Whatsapp voice note if you think you’ll need longer)


  • What are your initial thoughts and feelings about The Little Book of Play?
  • Could you tell me what you thought the goal of the book is?
  • Could you briefly describe how and when and why you used it?
  • Could you give me some actual examples of how you used it?
  • What were the things you liked about the book?
  • What were the things you didn’t like about the book?
  • What surprised you about the book?
  • Is there anything I could do differently to improve your experience?
  • What did you think about the length of it?
  • Would you prefer to complete this book in pen or pencil?
  • Which was your favourite activity and why?
  • Which was your least favourite activity and why?
  • Did you notice anything change in you as a result of the book?
  • Could you give me some actual examples of how you noticed a change in you?


  • If you didn’t engage with the book (maybe you just read it), please tell me everything you can about what you thought and why you didn’t engage with it?

Don’t be confined to these questions. I definitely didn’t think of them all. I’d like to know anything that you think will be helpful to me and The Little Book of Play.