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Welcome to the Creative Play Society

30 Days of Play

30 Days of Play

Do you wish that you’d Play more often than you do?

Would you like a Play invitation sent to you daily, for 30 Days?

Sign up to 30 Days of Play, and we’ll drop a Play invitation into your Whatsapp feed, each and every morning for 30 days. No logging in anywhere, no reporting back to anyone, just simple fun play. The way it’s meant to be.

Complete them on your own, or involve a partner or friend. Once we’ve sent it, it’s completely up to you.

the little book of play

The Little Book of Play

This book has no goal. It has no aim. It has no outcome. It’s been designed to journey with you, and it invites you to play with it.

An invitation to play!

Think of it as a neatly bound herd of Play invitations to help you grow and develop your creativity muscles, leaving you in a far better place to make positive changes in your world.

building playgrounds

Building Playgrounds

Did you have the above image in mind when you imagined ‘building playgrounds’? While it is a playground, we’ve adopted a far looser, more accessible and informal definition of what a playground is.

Playgrounds are any space where people can play

The Creative Play Society exists to help the world play. We believe that it is play that engages our imagination and converts it into something practical and useful in the real world: let’s call that creativity.

OUR FIRST PLAYGROUND: is The Little Book of Play, which you can take a peak at, and buy from this website.

OUR SECOND PLAYGROUND: is the 30 Days of Play which you can learn more about, and sign up from this website.

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