This page was built for the participants of the 30 Days of Play. It’s here to explain things like:


  • the backstory
  • why these invitations
  • what you can expect from completing 30 Days of Play
  • a place to give feedback, or ask questions
  • a place to comment on an activity or give suggestions


The Creative Play Society was created, initially, to help adults Play. It’s well documented how important Play is for the development and growth of children, and then somewhere in teenagehood, it very quickly disappears (for many people it disappears forever). It’s almost as if we are taught that play belongs exclusively to childhood.

From Psychology Today:

Adults tend to stop playing either because they consider it “childish” or because they become consumed with adult responsibilities like careers, childcare, and relationships. But despite these conflicts, most adults never lose their playfulness—and what’s more, all of the domains that seemingly preclude play can actually benefit from it.


We now know that Play has incredible upside for children, and for adults as well. Amongst many other things, you can expect the following from Playing more as an adult:


  • Keeps you feeling young and energetic
  • Relieves Stress
  • Improves Brain Function
  • Stimulates the mind and boosts creativity
  • Improves relationships and your connection to others


Our first launch into helping Adults Play was through The Little Book of Play. It’s full of invitations to play. Actually that’s all it’s made up of. There’s no order in how one does it, there’s no right or wrong, it’s simply a notebook sized, spiral bound, collection of Play invitations.

We learned that Adults really struggle to play. Some because they feel like it’s ‘below them’, almost as if Play is a ‘less than’ activity because it’s so closely associated with childhood and children. We also learned that a lack of time is an enormous contributor to adults not playing. Thirdly, adults found it difficult to engage others in Play, even if they knew them well. There were issues of ego, pride and ‘how will I look if I do that’ at stake.


A simple way to deliver Invitations to Play, on a daily basis, into your WhatsApp feed.

These daily ‘nudges’, make the Invitations to Play easier to access and engage with, and far more difficult to ignore.

Our hope is that more Play happens, and the results are new and fun habits that bring out all the best that Play offers us as adults.

Why is it socially acceptable for adults to play organised sports such as football or rugby but not socially acceptable for adults to jump in muddy puddles, unless they are competing in organised events like a ‘Tough Mudder’?Fiona Kirkland


Our Play Invitations are created around two things:

  • Simplicity
  • Play for the Sake of Play


Whilst children have absolutely no hesitancy when it comes to play (in fact it’s their number one thing to do), adults often struggle to find time, motivation, courage, energy and meaning with regards to play. Each Play Invitation is created to be simple and easy to respond to. They shouldn’t take too much time, while encouraging you to shift slightly (sometimes a little more slightly) outside of your comfort zone.

We’re hoping you’ll build a habit of Play, and remind your body and mind about how much fun Play is.


We really like how Mark Rowlands defines Play:

Play is activity whose goal is internal or intrinsic to it. In its pure form, play has no external purpose or reward. We play just to play.


To play is to dedicate oneself cheerfully to the deed and not to any external goal; to the activity itself and not the outcome.

The Play Invitations are only for you. You’re not graded, not judged, you don’t have to show anyone, or report back. Absolutely no pressure at all. We encourage you to engage with them in whichever way you’d like to. Play for the sake of Play.


There’s no magic formula to ignite your passion, enthusiasm and energy for Play. Play is solidly built into us right from the beginning. You’ll Play more because you Play more. You’ll get better at Play because you Play more. Play will become easier for you, because you Play more.

Our favourite analogy is a running Marathon. Firstly you can’t arrive at the start line of a Marathon without any training, and expect to perform, even finish. Over time, you put in the kilometers and miles, and one day, almost magically, you discover you’re ready to complete a Marathon. You start your training at whichever level you’re at, and the more time and distance you put in, the better your body is able to sustain the distance required.

Play is exactly the same. You start where you start, you put in the time and effort, and suddenly one day, almost magically, you discover that it’s easier than it’s ever been before.

Don’t get caught up trying to arrive. Don’t focus on an end goal. Just do it every day, and watch how much easier it becomes.